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We simply love juice!

Similar to our recipes, PLNTD's story is very simple. Our founder began juicing (in 2013) as a means to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in her daily diet to create a sustainable lifestyle rich in live vitamins and minerals. While juicing, she was often approached by friends, family, and individuals inquisitive of the contents in the juices and their benefits. Knowledgeable as she was, PLNTD's founder found joy and passion in educating people on the benefits of juicing and leading healthy, every day lifestyles.


Most importantly, the product of and a working adult, serving in underserved regions, our founder was often frustrated with the lack of accessibility to quality meat and fresh produce in the communities she lived in and is now focused and aligned on finding healthy solutions for food deserts in the communities she serves. 

Today, PLNTD Juice serves the Dallas Metroplex with fresh, cold-pressed juice and all natural food selections and beverages with a vision to expand multi-city throughout Texas, its food desert communities, and beyond. 


Stand for something or fall for anything!



We are "PLNTD in Purpose" and our number one priority is to give. We believe wholeheartedly in helping others and dedicate a portion of our time, resources, and labor to the communities we serve. 


We pride ourselves on transparency. All PLNTD products are created with the freshest produce and ingredients with no preservatives or additives and can be traced back to their points of origin. 


We believe in educating our customers beyond the products they purchase from PLNTD. We strive to inform and encourage our customers to sustain healthy relationships with food and nutrition. 


We understand that convenient access may lead to healthier decisions and routines. We also believe in access for ALL. Regardless of your socioeconomic status, healthy fruits and vegetables should be readily available in all communities and we work to reduce food deserts by creating a footprint in underserved communities. 


We reduce waste and recycle in our day to day operations. All leftover pulp and rind from produce is donated to local farms for compost. 



What we do and where we are going!


Promoting healthy lifestyle choices by serving great tasting, all natural food and drink selections.


To provide ALL communities, regardless of socioeconomic status, access to fresh,

highly nutritional food and drink options. 

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