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A juice cleanse is a natural way to reset your digestive system, renew your body, and recharge your life! 


A juice cleanse, sometimes referred to as a juice fast, involves drinking only fruit and vegetable juices for a set period of time to

detoxify the body and give rest to and/or reset your digestive system and most commonly lasts 1-5 days.


We live in a world full of ultra-processed foods and consume so much, often with little thought to how it is affecting our bodies and especially our digestive systems. Give your body the break it deserves to reset, renew, and recharge with one of PLNTD's juice cleanses. 


Whether you choose a Full Day, Half Day, or Juice Til Dinner cleanse, you will surely feel all of the nutritional benefits that a juice cleanse provides.  


The length of your juice cleanse depends on you, you know your body best! For beginners, we recommend starting with 1 day of our Full Day juice cleanse and listening and learning to how your body reacts before building up to more days. We also offer Half Day and Juice Til Dinner cleanses that allow you some solid foods if you are new to juice cleansing. For a true detoxification, we recommend multiple days of juice cleansing to flush out the toxins and allow the body to repair and heal. 

Everyone's body is different so each individual experience is unique. However, there are some things you plan for. Be prepared for changes in your digestive system, energy levels, and sleep rhythms as your body adjusts to the juice cleanse. It is best to juice cleanse during a period of time where you can truly prioritize your body and you have some flexibility in your schedule to accommodate the changes your body may experience throughout the cleanse.   

As mentioned before, every individual is different. Some people begin to ween off of solid foods or eat lighter meals days leading up to a cleanse to build up the discipline to commit fully while others may jump right into the cleanse with no preparation. As always, listen to your body, you know your behaviors and habits in regards to food, so do what is best for you.   

If you are already exercising consistently, you should have no issues continuing during your juice cleanse. However, keep in mind you will be in a calorie deficit during the juice cleanse so a lighter workout than usual is advised. Early morning workouts are best while you are fully energized and rested from the night before. Always listen to your body and consult a physician with specific questions regarding fitness and nutrition. 

Eliminating caffeine completely is recommended during the cleanse for best results, however, herbal or non-caffeinated teas are preferred if you feel you cannot do without during the cleanse. If coffee is your thing, challenge yourself to eliminate it during the cleanse. But if you must indulge, stay away from added sugars, sweeteners, and creams.   

Yes, yes, yes! While some of the juices provide hydration through the fruits and vegetables, it is important to stay hydrated with good old H2O. Water is also a natural appetite suppressant and can take up space in your stomach, leading to a feeling a fullness and reducing hunger. 

REST FOR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM - A juice cleanse gives your digestive system a break from processing solid foods and allows it the opportunity to cleanse, heal, and repair.   

DETOXIFICATION - During your juice cleanse your liver also is given a break from filtering harmful toxins from your body, allowing it to heal. 

NOURISHMENT - The juice we make at PLNTD is cold-pressed, raw and live, offering your body the maximum benefits from the vitamins and minerals extracted from the fruits and vegetables used to create your made to order juices. 

HYDRATION - In addition to the water that you will drink in between each juice during your cleanse, most of our juices contain one or more hydrating fruits and/or vegetables. 

CLEAR SKIN - Much like your liver, your skin works to filter harmful toxins from your body and needs a break from time to time. With regular juice cleansing, your skin will begin to heal and repair itself, likely resulting in clearer, healthier, glowing skin. 

If you have a question not listed above, please contact us by phone at (469) 459-9969 or email us at

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